"You will forever be my always." This thought was slipping away at a rapid pace for us.

One never knows when and where they will realize that their marriage is in trouble. Not just discontent or disillusionment, but real trouble. We were on a mission to get the car repaired and as we are driving away after another marital meltdown, I realized that our marriage may not make it. It seemed impossible for us to be in this spot. Not really sure how we got there. But here we were, the couple that had always been solid, in love, and inseparable . . . seemingly at a point of impasse. Broken. Angry. Frustrated. Kind of like a snowball rolling downhill that is picking up speed, things went from bad to worse. Talk of divorce. I am not sure I love you anymore. Tears. Yelling. How do you come back from this we wondered? Can we come back from this? Separate may be better.

Our last-ditch effort was Retrouvaille, which was mentioned in ?Dear Abby? several months prior and tucked away in the recesses of the mind. For good reason! We attended our Retrouvaille Weekend and while it was not a quick fix or instant miracle, it was a miracle and a true blessing in our lives. We learned things about each other that weekend that we had simply forgotten and grew closer than we had been in a long time. We often took one step forward and two steps back, but we kept plugging along at building a better marriage. It took commitment, forgiveness, and lots of hard work. Did we mention lots of hard work? Grit. Determination. Effort. These are the things that saved our marriage. Not only saved, but allowed us to create the marriage that we always wanted. So yes, ?You will forever be my always? and happily so!

S&L, Florida

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