A Proven Track Record

In December 2015, Retrouvaille International surveyed our program participants for the past five years. 5,236 program attendees responded, and the results show a proven track record of success in helping marriages.

Percentage Response To
Over 76%
Are still married to the same spouse at the five-year anniversary of their attending a Retrouvaille weekend.
Over 95%
Are likely to recommend the Retrouvaille Program to a struggling couple.
Over 95%
Felt heard, respected, and cared for during the Registration Process.
Over 97%
Consider the Retrouvaille Program to be affordable.
Over 96%
Consider the Weekend Experience time as well utilized.

Couples state that the top ranking benefits from participating in the Retrouvaille Program are:

  1. Improved communication.
  2. Learned more about my spouse.
  3. Learned more about myself.
  4. Grew closer together as a couple.
  5. Improved conflict management.
  6. Improved relationship with faith.

There are many reasons that couples choose to participate in the Retrouvaille Program. Some of the most common reasons that couples chose to participate are identified below:

  • Fighting/Disagreements
  • Married Singles Lifestyle
  • Extra Marital Affair/Online Relationship/Pornography
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Sexual Problems
  • Financial Difficulties
  • In-laws/Extended Family Influences
  • Living Apart/Travel for Work
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction Recovery
  • Working too Much/Job Stress

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